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The pain of Tourette's: 'I'm always covered in bruises'
1/19/2019 9:08:43 PM   Source : BBC Health
Charity Tourettes Action has discovered that patients are facing long delays in diagnosis.

'I wear a mask to prevent cold allergy reaction'
1/19/2019 7:06:45 PM   Source : BBC Health
Max Fisher, 23, gets red, itchy welts and swelling when in contact with anything cold.

Carter Cookson: Baby who needed new heart dies
1/19/2019 6:27:46 PM   Source : BBC Health
His parents, who lost their first son in 2013, say Carter Cookson has "gained his angel wings".

Two dead after pigeon dropping infection at hospital
1/19/2019 1:17:58 PM   Source : BBC Health
An investigation is under way after patients contracted a fungal infection associated with pigeon droppings.

Mental Health: Tougher checks before Superdrug Botox
1/19/2019 9:27:16 AM   Source : BBC Health
The high street retailer will check mental health of customers before giving Botox or fillers.

Differences in GP access across England 'shocking'
1/18/2019 8:54:51 PM   Source : BBC Health
A BBC analysis suggests there is a shocking variation in access to GPs across England, doctors' leaders say.

'Why I wanted a tattoo on my mastectomy scar'
1/18/2019 7:47:44 PM   Source : BBC Health
Kris Hallenga was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but beat the odds. Her scar is part of her body art.

IVF dad 'floored' over baby he did not consent to
1/18/2019 2:20:35 PM   Source : BBC Health
The man sued an IVF clinic after his ex-partner forged his signature to use frozen embryos.

IVF couple have triplets after sex mistake
1/18/2019 9:10:36 AM   Source : BBC Health
Betty Bienias said she was shocked to find out she was expecting triplets - two of which had been conceived naturally.

Pharmacists warn of a 'surge' in shortage of common medicines
1/18/2019 3:12:32 AM   Source : BBC Health
Patients in England are struggling to get hold of drugs such as painkillers and anti-depressants.

Carter Cookson 'has hours to find new heart'
1/18/2019 2:35:05 AM   Source : BBC Health
Doctors say Carter Cookson, who is on life support, needs an organ transplant as soon as possible.

The Arab country turning to 'female Viagra'
1/17/2019 7:30:33 PM   Source : BBC Health
Egypt is the first Arab country to authorise the sale of flibanserin - but how well is it going down?

'My son's severe asthma is very distressing'
1/17/2019 7:00:23 PM   Source : BBC Health
Every three seconds in the UK, someone has an asthma attack which could be life-threatening, a charity says.

Haemochromatosis 'bigger threat than we thought'
1/17/2019 6:53:28 AM   Source : BBC Health
Genetic disorder Haemochromatosis can cause liver failure, diabetes and severe arthritis if untreated.

'I wanted a black belt at the age of 75'
1/17/2019 4:46:24 AM   Source : BBC Health
This group of high kicking, power-punching pensioners prove "it's never too late to learn".

Teenage cancer survival 'on the up' in England, report finds
1/16/2019 8:00:44 PM   Source : BBC Health
But youngsters living in poorer areas of England had lower chances of survival, cancer data found.

World's coffee under threat, say experts
1/16/2019 7:41:21 PM   Source : BBC Health
Of 124 coffees in the world, we only drink two, but we need to protect all of them, say scientists.

A bit of meat, a lot of veg - the flexitarian diet to feed 10bn
1/16/2019 7:36:37 PM   Source : BBC Health
And you don't have to be vegan to follow the "planetary health diet".

Obesity overtaking smoking as biggest Welsh health risk
1/16/2019 7:31:53 PM   Source : BBC Health
Wales' first obesity strategy wants to make eating healthier food and staying active "normal and easy".

Footballers in new concussion study
1/16/2019 7:09:47 PM   Source : BBC Health
Premier League footballers are taking part in a "ground-breaking" new concussion study this season that could lead to pitch-side diagnosis.

'I’m just ill – respect me for who I am'
1/16/2019 7:03:25 PM   Source : BBC Health
An Edinburgh student is urging people to be more mindful when they interact with people with disabilities.

Liver transplant 'game changing' treatment approved
1/15/2019 7:41:37 PM   Source : BBC Health
It's hoped perfusion machines that "warm livers" will increase the number of viable donated organs.

The ultrasound scan you can do yourself
1/15/2019 7:17:30 PM   Source : BBC Health
A US company has produced an ultrasound scanner that plugs into an iPhone and costs $2,000 (£1,555).

Clean air: Do low emission schemes improve children’s lungs?
1/15/2019 7:12:52 PM   Source : BBC Health
Children in London and Luton are taking part in a study to measure how their lungs are affected by air pollution.

Contact lens recycling scheme launched across UK
1/15/2019 10:10:31 AM   Source : BBC Health
The programme will give contact lens wearers the opportunity to recycle their lenses for free.

Becca Henderson: Transplant hope for rucksack heart woman
1/15/2019 5:27:41 AM   Source : BBC Health
Scans show Becca Henderson has been clear of cancer for a year and is now eligible for a donor heart.

Breast cancer risk test 'game changer'
1/15/2019 4:07:40 AM   Source : BBC Health
GPs would use the online calculator to tell women their risk of getting breast cancer, say scientists.

What is the right age to lose your virginity?
1/14/2019 7:40:23 PM   Source : BBC Health
More than a third of women and a quarter of men think they got it wrong, research suggests.

Student makes bucket list after cancer diagnosis
1/14/2019 7:04:29 PM   Source : BBC Health
Laura Nuttall had just started university when a routine eye test discovered several brain tumours.

Lens replacement led to 'blind patches', says artist
1/14/2019 12:00:01 AM   Source : BBC Health
Landscape painter Denise De Batista is considering legal action against lens manufacturer Oculentis

Intersex surgeries: is it right to assign sex to a baby?
1/13/2019 8:37:42 PM   Source : BBC Health
Attitudes are changing to the medical practice, with some calling them limiting and unnecessary.

Healthy eating: What is a correct food portion?
1/13/2019 7:06:47 PM   Source : BBC Health
British Nutrition Foundation launches new "handy" guide to stop people cooking and eating too much.

James Watson: Scientist loses titles after claims over race
1/13/2019 10:28:26 AM   Source : BBC Health
Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson has repeated remarks about race and intelligence.

Are flexitarians half-hearted vegetarians?
1/7/2019 12:07:40 AM   Source : BBC Health
Can simply lowering meat consumption be considered a thing, or is it just "half-hearted" vegetarianism?

Tips on how to limit excessive screen time
1/4/2019 9:53:11 AM   Source : BBC Health
If screen use is disrupting sleep, exercise and concentration, what can parents do?

Why did child screen advice not go further?
1/4/2019 9:43:08 AM   Source : BBC Health
Leading paediatricians have stopped short of setting time limits for screen use, but why?

The breakthroughs that could save our lives
12/28/2018 10:02:39 PM   Source : BBC Health
From reversing blindness and paralysis to new treatments for cancer and infertility.

Check NHS cancer, A&E, ops and mental health targets in your area
12/13/2018 5:59:21 AM   Source : BBC Health
Use our tracker to check whether your local services are meeting waiting-time targets for cancer, routine operations, A&E and mental health treatment.
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